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Due to the Thai New Year holiday, we will be on vacation between
the 11 to 17 of April, all orders placed during these dates,
will be send on April -18.

Many thanks for your understanding and Happy New Year.

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Thistle Scottish Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver, ep219

EP219 3.30g


Stock: 16

Celtic Letters, the Letter S Pendant, 925 Sterling Silver, pn547

PN547 1.30g


Stock: 15

Cross Earrings, 925 Plain Solid Sterling Silver, ep146

EP146 1.80g


Stock: 12

Plain Triskle Triple Spiral Silver Earrings, ep100

EP100 2.75g


Stock: 12

Unique Round Large Celtic Knot Silver Pendant, pn567

PN567 4.40g


Stock: 4

Garnet CZ Medium Star of David Pendant, Sterling Silver, p411

P411CZG 2.50g


Stock: 16

Medium Hammered Style Star David Pendant, pn394

PN394 4.45g


Stock: 24

Celtic Letters, the Letter P Pendant, pn551

PN551 1.35g


Stock: 5

Long Celtic Pendant w Amber, 925 Sterling Silver, p459

P459AM 1.75g


Stock: 2