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Designed Celtic Trinity Knot Stud Silver Earrings, ep257

EP257 1.10g


Stock: 19

Tiny Celtic Trinity Plain Silver Pendant, pn168

PN168 1.10g


Stock: 12

Celtic Silver Earrings w Garnet, 925 Sterling Silver, e298

E298GRT 2.15g


Stock: 7

Thick Celtic Knot Solid Silver Pendant, pn019

PN019 2.00g


Stock: 10

Pink CZ Belly Navel ring w Drop Shape Dangle CZ, f285

FBN285CZP 2.20g


Stock: 9

Celtic Silver Plain Earrings, ep101

EP101 1.80g


Stock: 15

Large Celtic Trinity Silver Pendant, pn490

PN490 5.90g


Stock: 2

Celtic Silver Earrings w Amethyst, 925 Sterling Silver, e298

E298AT 2.15g


Stock: 14

Thistle Flower Plain Silver Earrings, ep160

EP160 2.25g


Stock: 12